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Yuanli Chem's Bio-based-1,4-Butanediol successfully entered the EU market


Recently, Yuanli chem’s new product---Bio-BDO, which was successfully developed and put into production in 2021, has been exported to EU in batch, which marks that our Bio-BDO product has been approved by international mainstream customers and achieved the breakthrough in this product in China and even in Asia.

As an important raw material, Bio-BDO could be widely used in many fields such as Spandex, Biodegradable plastics, Polyurethane, Shoe materials, new energy batteries, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of related downstream industries in China, the demand for this product in domestic and international markets is growing rapidly. In the background of carbon neutral and peak carbon dioxide emissions, the development of bio-based material industry will be an inevitable trend. Compared with traditional petroleum-based products, Bio-BDO has the advantages of green, renewable, energy saving and emission reduction, which will not cause damage to the environment and is a green product to meet the development requirements of carbon emission reduction, providing new choices for our customers.

In the future, Yuanli Chem will further optimize the product performance and expand the capacity through continuous innovation and meticulous cultivation, consolidate and deepen the strategic cooperation with downstream customers, and contribute to building a better life for human beings! 

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